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"With a spare, straightforward approach, Syts turns his piano compositions into hauntingly beautiful slices of modern classical music that take listeners on a journey filled with tranquil landscapes and warm memories."  - John Sinkevics,


Syts views his strikingly beautiful piano compositions as “modern classical” pieces – simple, peaceful melodies that give listeners “a break from the real world.”

“If my music can help someone get through a stressful day at work or bring them comfort and peace during a difficult time, then I’ve done my job,” reasons the 34-year-old West Michigan musician, aka pianist Jason Sytsma, “Bringing them joy brings me joy.”

That approach has earned the Grandville composer wide-ranging kudos for his mesmerizing debut EP, a second-place finish in the “GR’s Big Talent” 2015 competition and compliments from Grammy-nominated New Age pianist David Lanz, who has been an inspiration to Syts.

Syts’ compositions – including “A Timeless Memory,” the fetching opening track on his self-titled EP recorded at Grand Rapids’ River City Studios – unfold as musical tales possessing rare emotional power amid a disarming austerity. These are memory-invoking melodies  that touch hearts.

“I look at myself as a storyteller, but one that doesn't use words to tell it. I use melodies, emotion, maybe even the listeners’ own memories to a story they already lived,” he explains.

Currently at work on a full-length album, Syts is eager to build on his impressive debut and share his  modern classical charm with new audiences.

“To be able to bring that kind of release and a little break from reality for other people, to bring back old memories, that’s a big goal of mine – to have people enjoy my music.”


Syts Album Cover.jpg
Syts Album Cover.jpg

Syts EP

by Syts

The debut 5-song release from pianist/composer, Syts. An instrumental collection of memory-invoking melodies that pull on the heartstrings of the listener. 

Syts CD cover Vol II Tasha fix.jpg
Syts CD cover Vol II Tasha fix.jpg

Syts Vol. II

by Syts

The 2nd EP from pianist/composer, Syts. This 4-song album, “Syts Vol. II”, picks back up where his musical journey left off, while also exploring new styles of playing in the attempt to better himself as both a player, and a composer.